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Coriana Capital Corporation was formed to provide financial solutions for growing companies globally. By utilizing our many years and vast experience in a myriad of industries combined with proven and new financial technologies and programs we are quickly able to ascertain a viable strategy for our clients.

Since our inception, we have clearly and concisely been able to identify the possibility and validity of completing the funding request of our clients in a fairly short amount of time. Many times a quick “No” is much more beneficial to a client than a long drawn out process that results in the same. We are honest, quick and straight forward in the likeliness of a successful closing.

We believe in getting to know our clients and the interworking of their organization, their strengths and weaknesses. In order to achieve this we carefully identify the needs of our clients so we are able to provide the necessary capital and structure to meet not only short term needs but also with a view of the long term vision of the company at all times.

We have developed specific programs that allow us to quickly determine if we can help a client seeking capital that also meets our investment expectations and the long term financial strength of the company itself. With our vast network of advisers we are positioned to not only provide capital but add a tremendous amount of value in other aspects of the company. By bringing established relationships to client companies they are able to accelerate their growth and opportunities.

Our programs include funding for companies in many industries including;



Renewable Energy






Our PROJECT FUNDING PROGRAM encompasses acquisition, expansion and restructuring capital for growing companies. We typically structure these projects as long term debt with an equity participation although each project is structured and funded specifically to the needs of our client.

Our TRANSACTIONAL FUNDING PROGRAM was designed to take advantage of great opportunities with all the elements of a transaction, including a bona-fide and reputable exit buyer, in place but lacking all the capital to complete the transaction. These transactions are normally very quick-turned and can be replicated if a long term contract is in place. We can provide Transactional Funding for buy/sell programs, commodity transactions, trade programs and real estate transactions to mention a few.

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